As music creates a special atmosphere depending on the time of the day, we decided to select some tracks for sunrise. This precious moment when cities awake, when the silence of the night is fading with the sound of the first cars. And as people are starting their day, some are still standing and dancing somewhere. This playlist is for those people, who danced the whole night and are asking for more. A selection of minimal tracks, sometimes a little deeper and with some melody to start a day or to end a night.

Tracklist :
Chiodan – Memorize [WNGVA001]
Mryn – Mermaid
Toguè – Relatie
Ali Nasser – Good To Go
Imbue – Badu
Barut – Estrello [SNTPL014]
Soundopamine – e verde peste tot
Cezar Lazar – Wedmar (AMP015)
Himalaya Juice Culture – Dr. Q Tip [OVNIE001]
Petit Batou – Pads Paradise (Piktor Remix) [STPV006]
A1. Shaolin Fantastic – Dryed Eyes [SPOON005]
Markus Nikolai – Bushes [Perlon ‎– PERL 10]

By Léa