Italian producer Jack Fresia started his music career when moving to Amsterdam back in 2015. As he never played as a DJ, he focused from the beginning on performing live sets only, in venues such as OT301 or Sugarfactory. With time, he evolved towards a computer-free live set up, and became fully modular by 2018. Earlier this year he released his first EP on Rhod Records (Eduardo de la Calle, C-System…). Jack is also part of Amsterdam-based collective Unknown Electronics, which consists of several producers playing live sets only.

Jack Fresia explains:I recorded this set using my modular system, (12U 98hp) as part of my journey through the modular synth music possibilities and limit. Is now more than 3 years that I exclusively use the modular to make music and I am getting closer and closer to my ideal system where I am able to dive into very different musical genres at the touch of few knobs and button. I’ve always been influenced and fascinated by the Minilogue duo and the later Circle Of Life crew approach of making music, some people call it “jamming” but for me is much more than a simple jam. I perfectly know where I am going is just that I don’t know how I will go, if it’s going to be a quick transition or a long break or else, that is where the crowd and the location where I am performing comes into play. Being able to radically modify and influence your music in real-time thanks to the use of fo real instruments, and not via the playback of a premade song, creates a unique connection between listener and player where one guides the other and vice versa.