French artist Obsimo has been taking us to some good places with his dreamy yet energetic music. In live, he combines both electronic and organic sounds with synths, guitars and voices. Listen to his latest LP ‘Addiction‘, out in May on Shlo Music.

“I listen to a wide variety of music styles: from Tame Impala to Interpol, Slowtai, Feu!, Chatterton… I chose for this playlist 10 tracks that have inspired me a lot lately in the way I compose my music. Here are some anecdotes:
– I often play an accelerated version “Leviathan” by Flavien Berger in my DJ sets.
– I have seen Ross from Friends, Weval and David August playing live, and it was a blast!
– I had the opportunity to share the stage with Otzeki at Ahoy Festival in South of France, and I would be interested in collaborating with them on a track.
-After sharing a bottle of whisky with Aleksandir, he invited me to play in his hometown Istanbul. Just hoping it wasn’t only because of alcohol!”

George FitzGerald – Burns
Ross From Friends – March
Weval – Gimme Some
aleksandir – between summers
Asa Moto – Playtime
Otzeki – True Love
LIFAFA लिफाफा – Nikamma निकम्मा
Charles Murdoch – SSSS