We made this playlist based on the new era of dance music in Mexico which we call Diskotechno: a gathering of disco and italodisco sounds with a heavy bassline. This ever-evolving culture raised a generation of producers with sounds originating from the early Mexican DJs which travelled the world. All that mixed together with the Latin “need” of finding places to dance and express yourself created the perfect environment for an extraordinary electronic scene.This movement created a series of labels, clubs, and other creative projects, including but not limited to Sicario Musica, Platino Records, Discotexas, Duro, Rhodesia Club Social, Born in Mexico…

Bufi – Happy Robot
Kamizi – Guerra (Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo Remix)
Moon Runner – Interactive Track
Bufi – Dogs & Demons
Madhouse and Jon4s – Space Cake
Rodion & La Royale – Chamorro Tomorrow
Fausto – Descontrol (Cabizbajo Remix)
Rebolledo Y El Niño Paulor Aka Paulor – The Fog And The Forest
Illusive Man – Lo Que Necesito
Moon Runner – Cultural Track One
Mijo – Para Pura
Moderna Y Theus Mago – Papa En Roy
Macaulay & Mijo – Gnarly
Andre VII – Discoteca Clandestina
Theus Mago – No Money

By Jonas
Photo: Xpansion