Canada – and especially Montreal – has been known for many years for its festivals and its ultra-prolific producers. “Into Canadian Deepness” highlights the deep minimal scene that is mainly centered in Montreal, and is built around well-known artists such as Akufen aka Horror Inc, one of the leaders of minimalist electronic music, and Sounds of Beaubien Ouest label boss Project Pablo, who also released 2 Eps on Technicolour. This playlist also highlights some more emerging projects such as Ohm Hourani or Stephen Beaupré.

Akufen – installation
Wess – Imitation
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Discotic Space Capsule
The Mole – Gelb Grun Blau
Coordinates – Tuning Fields
Alicia Hush – The Slightest Inkling
Veronique Page – Other People Places
Project Pablo – Wildest Way to Go
Khotin – Sorry Sequence
Ohm Hourani feat Do Mi – Blinded
Marc Houle – Demor
DJ Tazz – Underground 11
Stephen Beaupré – It’s Gl’Amour When You Have It

By Manon
Photo: Stereo Montreal