Mixing trip-hop with folklore, drum and bass with cumbia, Dat Garcia is ZZK Records 1st female beatmaker. Captivating audiences with her powerful stage presence, innovating songwriting and elclectic demeanor, she proves the Buenos Aires digital folk scene is not just a men’s club anymore.

Dat Garcia explains: “What inspired me for this podcast about the Argentinian electronic scene is to promote mostly female, transgender and non-binary Argentinian artists, to make visible our presence in this music scene which has almost exclusively been a men’s club. I want to make sure all voices are heard, telling powerful, profound stories that are going on in our country, not only by singers as Sofia Viola, Sof Tot, Kali Sandoval, La Charo, La Yegros, Manuela de las Casa, Sara Hebe and Mariana Paraway but also by producers like Barda, Kaleema, Bienvenidos a la Computadora, Chocolate Remix and myself. I believe that it is very important to strengthen diversity in every artistic field because if we lose any vision of this world we lose the scent of creation and completeness. In this mix you can also find amazing producers like Sidirum, Klik and Frik, King Coya, Uji, Tremor, El Remolon and Chancha via Circuito . They are our colleagues, our fellows. We support each other to make our music transcend beyond any gender barrier. Bon appetit!

1- Chancha via Circuito ft Sara Hebe – Camino de Posguerra(Reptilian Commander Remix)
2- Chocolate Remix- Ni una menos
3- Sof Tot & Uji – En lo que creo me convierto
4- Dat Garcia – Anfibio(Klik & Frik Remix)
5- Mariana Paraway – Rebelión(Klik & Frik Remix)
6- Tremor ft Petrona Martinez – Porque mi boca es asi
7- King Coya ft La Yegros – Algo
8- Manuela de las Casas – Empoderada(Barda Remix)
9- Sidirum ft Bienvenidos a la Computadora – Los Nombres Del Aire
10- Dat Garcia – Maleducada(El Remolon Remix)
11- Kaleema – Ritual
12- Sof Tot – Mientras te espero(Dat Garcia Remix)
13- Kali Sandoval x Dabow – Amor
14- La Charo ft Tremor (composer Piero) – Soy pan, soy paz, soy mas
15- King Coya ft Sofia Viola (El Camino de Leda) – Sobre las Flores